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Acommon rule of thumb suggest terpene yields above 0.5% beta-myrcene produce an indica dominant effect for the cannabis consumer. This terpene is distinguished by its musky, earthy, clove, and pungent aromatic qualities as well as its link to sedating, analgesic (pain killing) and anti-inflammatory effects. Yet, perhaps what is most interesting about this terp, is that it potentiates the effects of THC, meaning it helps your CB1 receptions in your brain receive and absorb even more THC.

In other words, for the same level of THC, all else equal ,the strain with more beta-myrcene will get you more “stoned” with more body-buzz. In the HCH Gorilla Glue, beta-myrcene yields are just under this theoretical 0.5% threshold (0.46%), which one could interpret as providing just enough THC-potentiating qualities without being too sedating and heavy-bodied.

In our view, it is the perfect amount of myrcene for a stony, Sativa dominant hybrid. silver-rec-D

However, this 0.5% threshold should likely be viewed within the context of the overall terpene yields of the plant. Generally, quality cannabis produces terpene yields in the 1.0-2.0% range. Therefore, 0.5% myrcene yields, are likely within this context to offer an indica-dominanting characteristics to the strain. But what if the terpene yields were much higher as with our Gorilla Glue 2, which tests at a whopping 4.0% terpenes at 23.5% THC?

First, let’s consider at what the dominant terpenes are. Our lab results show a dizzying 2.62% alpha and beta pinene; a terpene which gives pine trees their distinct characteristic smell. It is also believed that pinene, when consumed, heightens alertness, improves memory retention, and even acts as a bronchodilator. But what does that mean? We think of this as producing a more cerebral, racy, creative, and talkative Sativa strain.

Vail-Map-DSo all in, HCH Gorilla Glue 2 has just enough beta-myrcene to accelerate THC absorption and promote a stony high, but not too much to promote couch lock, while also having an outrageously significant amount of pinene, quite possibly making it our most perfectly designed Sativa dominant hybrid ever.